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L’inspection de vos équipements de protection incendie permet de s’assurer du bon fonctionnement de toutes les composantes tout en permettant de prévenir d’éventuelles défaillances.

Multi Protection s’investit activement lorsqu’il s’agit de l’inspection de vos équipements incendie puisque préserver la vie de vos occupants et de vos installations demeure une priorité. Nous effectuons les inspections dans tous les types de bâtiments, et/ou autres installations nécessitant une vérification par des techniciens spécialisés.

Nos plans d’inspection couvrent la vérification de tous les types d’équipements incendie :

  • Systèmes de gicleurs – canalisation incendie sous eau

  • Dispositif anti-refoulement (DAR / Backflow)

  • Pompes incendie

  • Réseau avertisseur incendie (panneau d’alarme et composantes)

  • Borne incendie

  • Extincteur portatif

  • Boyau incendie

  • Éclairage d’urgence

  • Hotte de cuisine

  • Détecteur CO

  • 1 - What is a security system?
    A security system is made up of several elements allowing the detection of any potentially dangerous situation. In general, the security system is composed of detectors, a control module, an alarm keypad and a siren. A security system is obviously more complete and safer when it is connected to a central monitoring station, to ensure rapid intervention by the competent authorities. Despite the fact that the remote monitoring service is optional; Groupe Sécure strongly recommends connection to the central for increased security.
  • 2 - What is remote monitoring of a security system?
    With remote monitoring, your alarm system remains in contact by telephone with our Monitoring Center, which can react in the event of an alert. If a detector is triggered when the system is activated, the telephone line is mobilized and a signal is automatically sent to the central monitoring station.
  • 3 - Is the security system connected to a police station?
    No. The security system is connected to the Groupe Sécure central monitoring station. Staff acknowledge receipt of alarm signals and determine appropriate action in the circumstances (alarm acknowledgment, call for fire, police, or emergency medical personnel, as appropriate).
  • 4 - What is the role of Groupe Sécure and the central monitoring station?
    Groupe Sécure takes care of the sale, installation, maintenance and repair of equipment as well as after-sales service. The central monitoring station, for its part, processes and transmits the various alarm signals received and is responsible for monitoring the alarms.
  • 5 - Where is the central monitoring station located?
    Our monitoring centers are located in Montreal and across Canada. Our equipment combines the most specialized technology in the field of remote monitoring with an extensive fiber optic network. In the event of an emergency or disaster, our high-tech, ULC-certified center takes over, guaranteeing you uninterrupted service 24 hours a day.
  • 6 - What is ULC certification?
    ULC stands for Underwriters' Laboratories of Canada. ULC certification attests that a product or system has been evaluated and tested and that its conformity corresponds to Canadian standards.
  • 7 - Can I get a price reduction from my insurer if I have an anti-theft alarm installed?
    Depending on the insurers and the type of contract but also the equipment installed, you can benefit from a reduction in premium and cancellation of deductible. On this subject, you should check with your insurer. Inquire to receive your personalized alarm certificate from Groupe Sécure.
  • 8 - What should I do when I communicate with an operator of the central monitoring station?
    1. Give the main phone number or address of the premises.2. Identify yourself using your PIN.3. Give your name.4. Describe the reason for your call or the cause of the alarm.
  • 9 - Can I benefit from a system even if I have a pet?
    Yes. It is true that animals present a challenge for security systems, especially if they have free access to protected areas or if they weigh more than 100 pounds. However, specially adapted motion detectors are available at an additional cost. The specialists at Groupe Sécure will be happy to inform you about this.
  • 10 - Is the system easy to use?
    Yes. The installer will explain the main functions of the system to you at the time of installation. He will then give you a complete manual and instructions for use. In addition, you can contact Groupe Sécure customer service at any time.
  • 11 - What is the role of the people on my call list?
    When your security system is triggered, an operator dials the number of the protected location. If there is no answer or if the person who answers cannot identify himself using a PIN, the operator calls the police department (according to established instructions). Then, the operator of the control panel tries to reach a contact person registered on your call list. For an effective intervention, the resource persons must remain close to the protected area, have the door keys, a code to arm and disarm the system, as well as a PIN to identify themselves.In the event of a prolonged absence, do not forget to inform your resource persons. When one of the people on your call list arrives on the premises after an alarm has been triggered in your absence, an exterior verification must first be carried out before entering the protected premises. It is strongly recommended to wait for the arrival of the police before entering the home.
  • 12 - How can I avoid the police charging me travel expenses because of a false alarm?
    Many municipalities now charge fees for false alarms and unnecessary trips by police or firefighters. Regulations vary from municipality to municipality. • Check with your municipality to find out about the regulations• Ensure that all users of the system are familiar with its operation• Avoid leaving moving or floating objects in the house that could move and cause an alarm• Pets can be left free in the house as long as motion detectors are provided for this purpose.
  • 13 - Why does my phone not work when my alarm goes off?
    When you activate or deactivate your security system, the telephone line may be busy for 20 to 50 seconds (depending on the system). A signal is transmitted to our central monitoring station indicating the status of your system.
  • 14 - What should I do if I trigger my security system and create a false alarm?
    The siren will sound. In case of accidental triggering, keep calm. Dial your code on the keypad, pressing each key carefully to deactivate your system. Wait approximately one minute and then call the Groupe Sécure central monitoring station to let us know (or, if you have one, use your cell phone). Otherwise, an operator will apply the pre-established procedures.
  • 15 - Does the siren stop by itself after being triggered?
    Yes, an approved outdoor siren should only operate for 4 minutes, but inside the premises it is programmed to operate as long as the system detects a presence.
  • 16 - Can my warranty be extended?
    Yes. Groupe Sécure offers you, for just a few dollars more per month, an extended warranty that covers all costs of repairing or replacing equipment (parts and labor).
  • 17 - Can I increase the security of my system?
    No matter the provider or technology, no phone service is completely foolproof. In order to protect your system against failures in the telephone service or breaks in the external wired network, we provide you with the wireless cellular transmission service. This affordable service requires the purchase and installation of a communication module and is only available in areas served by a cellular network using GSM or CDMA technology. Ask Customer Service by calling 514 990-5090 (Greater Montreal Region) or 418-431-5090 (Saguenay Lac St-Jean Region)
  • 18 - What should I do if my system is not working as it should?
    The staff at Groupe Sécure will be happy to analyze the problems posed by your security system. Just contact us at 1 888 8SECURE ext. 226 , to make an appointment.
  • 19 - If I need to have my system checked or repaired urgently, will you be able to answer my call regardless of the day and time? "
    YES! Our service department is on high alert 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. And our rates are always very reasonable, even on a holiday.
  • 20 - In the event of a problem, can Groupe Sécure deactivate my security system from its central monitoring station?
    No, your system is a stand-alone unit that can only be deactivated using the keypad to which it is attached.
  • 21 - An alarm was triggered accidentally and I quickly entered my code to silence it. I expected to receive a call from a Groupe Sécure operator, but no one called. Why?"
    The system waits a short time before transmitting an alarm signal to the monitoring station. This delay gives you enough time to cancel the signal transmission and avoid a false alarm.
  • 22- What would happen if I pressed the emergency or fire alarm button on the keypad?
    If you held down the emergency or fire alarm buttons for one to three seconds, an alarm signal would be transmitted to the Groupe Sécure remote monitoring center and the emergency services would be immediately dispatched to the premises. premises. It is not possible to cancel an alarm signaled in this way.
  • 23 - If a power failure occurs, will the security system stop working?
    No. If a power outage occurs, the backup battery will keep your security system running for several hours. If the battery is low, a signal to this effect will be transmitted to the central monitoring station which will warn you.
  • 24 - If an emergency occurs, should I call Groupe Sécure first?
    No. If an emergency occurs, contact the 911 emergency service first. If you cannot do so, press the emergency button or the fire alarm button on your keypad. Groupe Sécure will dispatch the emergency services to the scene.
  • 25 - When and how do I check my security system?
    Check your system regularly to avoid being surprised by an emergency. Thereafter, test once a month to ensure that your communication link is operational.Since your security system is connected to our central monitoring station, each time your system is triggered, an alarm signal is transmitted to the central monitoring station. To avoid the risk of mobilizing resource people unnecessarily, first call the remote monitoring center by identifying yourself using your PIN and inform the operator of the duration of your tests.
  • 26 - Is it long before you can come and install the system I ordered?
    NO! Most of the time, we can install a new customer's system within 3 business days of signing their contract.
  • 27 - Can I benefit from a full warranty on the equipment installed in my home, for the entire duration of my contract?
    YES! For a minimal cost, generally equivalent to approximately 7% of the total amount of your agreement (ex.: $50/month X 36 months = $1800 X 7% = $126/12months = 10.50 $/month), we offer a service contract covering 100% of all your equipment (parts and labor).
  • 28 - How can I obtain the instruction manual for my alarm system?
    You can contact our customer service at 1 888 8SECURE ext. 226 and we would be happy to send you an instruction manual by email!
  • 29 - Can my alarm warn me of water damage?
    Yes, the installation of a water leak detector can be provided to warn you by sound signal or by telephone of a possible flood.
  • 30 - Can my alarm warn me in the event of a city gas leak?
    Yes, gas detection alarms are intended to signal gas leaks and prevent any risk of explosion
  • 31 - Can I put detectors around my property?
    It is possible to provide outdoor detectors, in order to avoid intrusions, if you plan to leave your windows or French doors open. You can be warned by a chime or a low-intensity siren if an intruder crosses these barriers.
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